Case Feeds: The Salesforce UI of The Future!

We’ve all heard the grumbling, and it’s starting to sound more like a dull roar; Service Cloud Case Feeds for all objects! None of us can say when or where, but Salesforce keeps whispering that the fantastic Case Feed UI will be available on other platforms and objects. I can’t confirm or deny, but I can say gosh, I hope so! Have you had a chance to explore the latest case feed UI?

Now this is only a test case, but look at all the options:

  1. When viewing a Case, the top panel highlights the title, description, and created date. No more digging through the record to find the key details.
  2. We all hate navigating away from our records to log activities. Now, you can toggle between the activity options and log all the details in the quick create/edit window to the right. No more scrolling to the top or bottom to find the activity related list.
  3. Case status and details are always available in the top panel. You won’t lose the title or status as you scroll through the Case Chatter feed.
  4. Does your case have too much Chatter feed to read through? Filter it. One click will only display the appropriate records whether it is call logs or emails.
  5. Quick create of activity records from within the case eliminates all excuses for not tracking activities.

I could go on, but check it out yourself. Activate Case Feeds in your sandbox and explore the options:

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