Supply Chain Revolving Around the Globe

Supply chain technologies are constantly evolving to keep up with the increasing globalization and complexity faced by organizations trying to manage their supply chains, keep costs down and maintain continuity in service and delivery. Many companies rely on a complex mix of spreadsheets fed by manual data entry and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; few of them use best-of-breed...

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Using Salesforce to Manage a Project Based Business

Quite a few of our customers are professional services firms that are looking to manage their business in Salesforce.  Here’s a quick overview of a model we’ve developed and some customizations we’ve built in Salesforce to help architects, engineers, management consultants, and other project focused organizations. The model starts by recognizing that Salesforce out of the box doesn’t have a...

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Six Key Reasons to Perform IT Diligence

The following are six key reasons to perform IT Diligence: 1.  Application Scalability:  Can Target’s system support 2-3x transaction volume or 100 additional users via an acquisition?  Can Target’s system support a new line of business?  Does Target utilize SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions?  Understanding the platform and stability of Target’s applications are...

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Building Loyalty One Customer Experience At A Time – Part II

Other brands could learn a lot from the customer engagement DirecTV exhibited during their difficult and challenging outage of the Viacom programming a few weeks ago (see Part I of this post). They have created a loyal following of “Raving Fans” due to their commitment to Customer Engagement, providing a reliable product and high quality programming at a reasonable (though not the...

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Leveraging user experience design elements to improve software testing

Software tests are the final checkpoint for projects before clients and end-users of the system get a chance to take the application for a spin. As seasoned professionals in the field, we try to exploit every possible opportunity to improve test efficiency. Many different models, approaches and strategies have been tried – some with relatively better results than others.…

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Managing Project Challenges: Logical Data Models

Some projects are challenging to deliver.  Complex and convoluted ecosystems continue to grow.  Company tribal knowledge makes it difficult to involve non-subject matter experts (SMEs).  Projects can lose the original meaning or misinterpret the architectural intent.  The logical data model is a project deliverable that can be used to manage these project challenges.…

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Geospatial Project Management using SharePoint

A better PMO approach: Efficient project management and situational awareness using direct feedback. Background One of our regional Investor Owned Utilities was rolling out a new Microwave Radio, IP/MPLS Network and 2-way radio system all at the same time. Their PMO was finding it difficult to manage multiple work streams due to the number of vendors, 40 plus locations, type of milestones, and...

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Calendar Interface for Salesforce

We develop custom interfaces in Salesforce that allow users to see underlying data in ways that fit their specific business needs. The UI elements most commonly requested are data entry grids and calendar views that display things like campaigns and projects. Salesforce is a tremendously powerful platform for storing and relating data, and a little bit of front end customization can go a long...

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SharePoint 2013 and Public Web Sites

Last week Microsoft delivered a technical preview of their next version of SharePoint Server – SharePoint Server  2013.  Contrary to rumors that were spreading around, Microsoft has not given up on public websites/Digital Marketing and they have been listening to feedback from the field.  The linked references below are from a Netherlands-based partner that worked very closely with...

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Enabling “Light Touch” Quality Management

Pharmaceutical companies are headed in a new direction in the non-blockbuster era. As a result, pharma leaders are in a unique position. This New World has resulted in widely dispersed and disparate operations.  Successful leaders will be those who harness the diversity and complexity, versus those who fight to centralize and control and would benefit from a light touch...

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