Celebrating Diversity Month in April

Celebrating Diversity Month in April

Brian Paulen, a Senior Director and leader of the firm’s the Seattle office, discusses his thoughts on why celebrating diversity is important at West Monroe.

 What does it mean to celebrate diversity?

Understanding people’s perspectives on how to celebrate diversity is something we are focused on in our Seattle office this month.  At a recent all-hands meeting, the directors in our office were asked to share their perspective on our diversity and inclusion as we build great leaders here at West Monroe Partners. As part of celebrating diversity at the firm, I wanted to share my answers to a series of additional questions posed to me and focused on what it means to celebrate diversity here at West Monroe Partners.

What does diversity and inclusion mean in your organization, and why is it important?

To me, when we talk about diversity and inclusion here at West Monroe, I focus on our people and our perspective as a company:

  • Diversity of our People:  One of West Monroe’s values is PEOPLE FIRST. That value defines our culture here at West Monroe, and it is at the core of our focus on diversity and inclusion. We believe that by combining personal diversity and professional growth with an unending commitment to doing good in the world, great things happen. We want to celebrate all those aspects of our people that make us highly engaged and effective consultants. We want to hire people who complement our company culture, perform based on their unique strengths, and share in their unique perspectives.
  • Diversity in Perspective: We are growing as a company and that means we are consistently focused on attracting top talent to join our team. One of our unequivocal differentiators is having the best people in the market. When we bring diverse expertise, knowledge, skills and perspectives to the table, we deliver additional value to our clients and better represent their diversity and perspectives as well.

A key focus for the company this year and beyond is growing and investing in future leaders. By not only celebrating our differences, but harnessing the wide variety of thought, expertise, and experiences in our firm, we can create learning experiences throughout the firm and cultivate growth opportunities that resonate with a wide audience. As the Seattle market expands and continues to attract new talent in tech and business, we have a real opportunity to actively recruit people with a range of backgrounds and beliefs who can help shape our collective perspective.

What is West Monroe Partners doing to promote diversity?

We recently appointed two Chiefs of Diversity and Inclusion here in our Seattle office to promote programs, learning and exchange of ideas and information. Across all the firm’s offices, we also have strategy boards that line our walls of the office as you walk in, and a key theme sprinkled throughout this year’s strategy is valuing diversity. Whether through small things like pushing out a feature that allows holidays and observances to automatically populate our Outlook calendars, or celebrating the return of one of our Fisher Fellows by understanding the diverse culture and food of Nepal, we are continually focused on recognizing how diversity plays a significant role in our lives.

What is one way you will be celebrating diversity this month?

For me, there is both a personal and professional connection to this month.  Personally, I’ll be spending time with my sister celebrating her diversity and recognizing the strides individuals have made over the past few years relative to respecting everyone’s uniqueness.  Personally, I am proud to have a diverse immediate family and we will spend time celebrating both our similarities and our differences, and the strides my family and the community at large has made to respect each other’s uniqueness. Professionally, I have the good fortune of having a platform to ensure that our Seattle office continue to do the great things we have done historically by embracing all types of diversity, and ensuring our employees have confidence they can bring all of themselves to the office and their clients.

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