Celebrating Pride at West Monroe

Celebrating Pride at West Monroe

This year, we have an extra reason to celebrate LGBT+ Pride Month: the launch of West Monroe’s newest employee resource group, WMPride!

WMPride is open to both LGBT+ employees and supporters and is designed to support and encourage the ongoing growth and success of our LGBT+ employees and community at WMP.

Why create WMPride?

More than half of LGBT+ Americans today go to work fearing losing their jobs because of who they are or who they love so much that they remain “in the closet.” No current federal law protects LGBT+ workers from employment discrimination and more than 40% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and almost 90% of transgender people have experienced employment discrimination, harassment or mistreatment. At West Monroe, we have made it our goal to ensure that isn’t the case.

At WMP, one of our core values is respect for diverse experience and thought and everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. WMPride helps us bring together LGBT+ employees and allies to create a supportive environment at WMP so employees are comfortable to focus their energy on doing engaging work, cultivating meaningful relationships, and contributing to our communities.

Read on to learn why WMPride members think our new ERG will help us continue to build an inclusive culture at West Monroe, and why they are excited to participate.

“With our “people first” culture, West Monroe promotes an environment that encourages all employees to be their authentic selves, talk about their home lives and discuss other issues facing the world today. I am proud to co-found WMPride to strengthen West Monroe’s people-first value and ensure LGBT+ employees feel accepted and supported.”

Scott Booze, Principal
Customer Experience, Chicago office


 “It’s important for me to participate in WMPride as an ally because I want to create a safe space for people to bring their entire self to WMP everyday.”

Jodi Bednar, Director
Energy & Utilities, Chicago office


“As the youngest of five boys, I saw firsthand how openness and acceptance positively influences groups when my brother came out to my family. I look forward to supporting the WMPride initiative to help ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported in their personal and professional lives”

Noah Quintana, Senior Consultant
Customer Experience, Dallas office


“I am very proud to help start WMPride, our LGBT & Allies Employee Resource Group. Since joining in 2015, it has been a personal goal of mine to advance our journey of inclusion and support growing the next generation of leaders…all leaders. WMPride is another example of our mission coming to life.”

Bill Kirst, Senior Manager
Operations Excellence, Seattle office


“I am humbled and honored to be the executive sponsor of WMPride and be a part of West Monroe’s expanding inclusion and diversity efforts. We are inspired by positive impact LGBT+ employee groups have on corporate cultures, and I have personally seen similar efforts play a significant role in the careers and fulfillment of family and friends.”

Will Hinde, Managing Director
Healthcare/Life Sciences, Chicago office


How are you celebrating Pride this year? Let us know in the comments.

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