ClickDimensions July 2013 Release includes Social Data Collection and Email Management Enhancements

The latest ClickDimensions release is here and includes several terrific enhancements, including an updated social data portion of a Contact/Lead record’s Profile section, and several long-requested updates to email management.

Social Discovery
ClickDimensions July 2013 Release Includes Enhanced Social Discovery Options

ClickDimensions has enhanced their profile page with social data from Full Contact. The Full Contact API, using only a Lead or Contact’s email address, can bring data back into the record from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. Users will see this information on the ClickDimensions profile screen, but the team at ClickDimensions have also created an iframe version of the data that can be embedded anywhere in the Lead or Contact record. Click here to read more about this new feature.

“Sent On” Field Added to Email Send Reporting
Look at Email Sends, and you’ll notice a new field, “Sent On”. This field will now automatically populate to show you the date and time your emails were sent. This much requested feature provides a new way to sort and view your Sent Email Send records, one that provides a bit cleaner record of when emails actually went out the door than the “Send On” and “Created On” records.

Automated Text Version Button
Another much requested feature! The “Create Text Automatically” button will take the text and hyperlinks from your HTML email and automatically convert them into text for devices unable to render HTML. Click here to learn how to use this new option.

Iframe Editors in Preview Mode
ClickDimensions July 2013 Release Includes Enhanced Email Creation Options

This latest release changes the HTML version editor within the Email Send and Email Template records to preview only. The benefit? This saves the user the risk of saving over changes made in the Full Screen editor by clicking the save button in the editor within an Email Send. Now, to edit the HTML version, just click the Open Editor button, and it will open the full screen editor.

A Note About Installing These Updates
Customers using CRM 2011 or CRM Online can use the ClickDimensions Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you’ve signed up to have new versions automatically installed, the update is scheduled for the last weekend of July.

However, you can also go to the ClickDimensions settings area of your CRM and update the solution manually, which will push the new features to Live status right away (it took about five minutes for ours to update). I chose the “Semi-Automated” option, and the update finished a few minutes later.

Installing ClickDimensions July 2013 Release

(If you’re a CRM 4.0 customer, you can email to request the updated installer. They ask that you please include your CRM org name and external URL for verification purposes.)

Learn More About The Latest ClickDimensions Release
These are just a few of the new or enhanced features included in this latest release. Click here to review the full release notes. You can also sign up here to receive New Release notification emails from ClickDimensions.

Other questions about adding ClickDimensions to your Dynamics CRM instance, or upgrading/enhancing your current ClickDimensions setup? Contact us today. 

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