Coffee & Change, Episode 2: Change and Mentoring

Coffee & Change, Episode 2: Change and Mentoring

Bill Kirst, our West Coast Organizational Change Management Lead in Seattle shares the second episode of his podcast series on the topic of change management. In this episode, Bill interviews his colleague Julia Ko, a Customer Experience Strategy Consultant, on how mentorship and mentoring is changing in 2017. Together they discuss and share insights on how to survive and thrive professional and personal change with the help of mentors.

We all have this assumption when we’re going through a life hurdle that it feels really unique to you, but when you lift your head up you realize… other people have gone through the same things. Reaching out to other people and allowing them to provide their perspective is really helpful.


Brew up a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the listen!

During the podcast, Julia discusses her blog, which you may find at Executives on the Rise. To listen to the first episode of Coffee and Change, click here.

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  • Stephanie Rex March 16, 2017 5:00 pm

    Bill and Julia! This was so fun to listen to. Thank you for speaking about a topic that is not always remembered when people discuss “work-life” balance. Very enjoyable.

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