Coffee & Change, Episode 4: How Automation & Cloud Change the Way We Work

Coffee & Change, Episode 4: How Automation & Cloud Change the Way We Work

Bill Kirst, our West Coast organizational change management lead, shares the fourth episode of his podcast series on the topic of change management. In this episode, Bill interviews James Casey, VP of Partner Engineering at Chef Software. Bill and James talk about the changes that are happening in our work because of automation and the adoption of cloud. Together they share insights on how to lead in this change with the help of language and positive intent.

“Many of the successful transformations that I see start with a critical event.”

Brew up a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the listen!

You can find previous episodes of Coffee & Change on our blog.


  • Kathleen Delgado July 14, 2017 12:24 pm

    The highlighted quote about a critical event sparking transformational change, but for me even more important was his follow up with the idea that lacking that critical event the leader (and this applies in any field) must keep the reason/need for change out there…even if it means over-communicating. Would love to hear more about how that is done. Great episode.

    • Bill Kirst July 25, 2017 5:57 pm

      Yes, I agree. Even at the risk of over-communicating to some, it is valuable to most others to reiterate the need for change and the ultimate vision for the change. This coming from a leader in an authentic and vulnerable voice is imperative to be effective. How have you seen this done well? Thanks for listening! Who else might you like to hear on the future episodes of the podcast?

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