Coffee & Change, Episode 6: Managing Change in Environmental Affairs

Coffee & Change, Episode 6: Managing Change in Environmental Affairs

Bill Kirst, our West Coast organizational change management lead in Seattle, shares the sixth episode of his podcast series on the topic of change management. In this episode, Bill interviews Brandon Ray, a graduate student at the University of Washington who studies Marine and Environmental Affairs and International Studies. They discuss the importance of understanding stakeholders in managing change in environmental policy, specifically Arctic policy.

“I saw my mission in life was to work as an intermediary between various sectors, and to have expertise in two different sides of things and be able to communicate between those things.”

Brew up a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the listen!

You can find previous episodes of Coffee & Change on our blog.

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  • Fionna Millett September 5, 2017 4:56 pm

    Brandon – thanks for sharing your insights, I enjoyed this conversation! In my undergraduate studies, I majored in Environmental Economics and Policy. It’s informed much of my approach to change management as an Operations Excellence Consultant at West Monroe Partners. The engagement of stakeholders across many varied, often opposing interests makes international environmental affairs difficult – even though we are all stakeholders in the health of our planet! When we lack alignment and consensus on a domestic level, the “bringing it home” piece makes progress on international issues quite challenging. How do you think scientific research can act to drive progress despite uncertainty and politics?

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