A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity, Part 4: One Year Later, How Open Dialogue Has Inspired Action

A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity, Part 4: One Year Later, How Open Dialogue Has Inspired Action

This year, in an effort to be transparent about the journey we are undertaking to strengthen our culture of inclusion with both our employees and external stakeholders – our clients and neighbors in the communities where we live and work – we are publishing a series of articles to create an open dialog about inclusion and diversity.

In our fourth paper, we reflect on our journey over the past year.

This article looks at some of the specific actions we took this year.  From the leadership level we focused on setting the right tone and providing the right resources, and at the team level we tried to influence inclusion and diversity firm-wide and empower everyone to participate in both conversation and action. Kevin McCarty, president and CEO of West Monroe, also contributes his thoughts on why inclusion and diversity is important to him as a leader and how we all can encourage our coworkers to engage in the discussion. In addition, tomorrow a blog from our Director of Talent Acquisition, Julie Meyer, will describe some of the external partnerships we launched this year in more detail.

While I am pleased with the progress we have made over the past year, it is more apparent to me than ever that this is a long journey. We have plans to expand upon and add to the programs and partnerships over the coming year. Because action starts with open dialogue, we will also keep the conversation about inclusion and diversity going in various ways, including this article series, and will work to involve our clients, in addition to our employees, in 2018.

As we continue on our journey, we want this to be a conversation, and I invite you to leave a comment below if you have questions or ideas.

The first three papers in our Conversation on Inclusion & Diversity series may be found on our blog.

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