Deep Tech Blend: Introduction to a New Tech Series

Deep Tech Blend: Introduction to a New Tech Series

Today, I took a call from a client looking for some advice on moving applications to the cloud. He wanted to know how to determine which applications were most appropriate to move and how “high” in the cloud. That’s actually a question we hear a lot, and it got me thinking: What can we do to build more dialogue around topics like this one that are on the minds of many technology executives?

I don’t need to tell you that the pace of technological change is accelerating—and along with it, the need for specialized experience and skills. If your organization is like most, you have a core IT staff that can address many of your business requirements, but you could benefit from experience in certain other areas that are essential for driving your business forward.

Our team is in the trenches addressing challenges such as the cloud-migration question above—every day and with companies in every sector of business. Chances are, we’ve seen how others like you are working through these issues and can offer some perspective that could be valuable in thinking about what to do next. So, we have decided to start a regular series of Deep Tech Blend topics. Each post will tackle a common question and offer a few quick, easy-to-digest ideas for taking the next steps. We’ll be outlining who the target audience is for each post for ease of consumption – typically these topics keep any CEO, COO, CIO or CTO of any technology-enabled organization up at night.

We will kick off the series later this month with a post on using technology to enable innovation in your business. Innovation is a central business strategy for many organizations, and technology is often a key cog in delivering it. Rahul Miglani, a Chicago-based senior manager, shares a few principles for enabling innovation through technology, such as “do simple better” (borrowed from Chicago Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon). Keep an eye on this space for upcoming discussions on some other topics that clients have raised recently, such as building a high-performance development team, mobility innovation, and demystifying microservice architecture.

I hope you find these posts valuable. And I hope you will share your perspectives and questions with us to shape further discussion by commenting below. Remember, the richer the dialogue, the more valuable it is for all of us.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss other topics, please reach out to me at

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