Digital Meet Physical, Now Play Nice

An ongoing theme in the market, from retailers of all types, is a consistent customer experience across channel. But a more specific scenario is trending — how to bring digital into a physical (store, branch) environment. And do so, thoughtfully and with purpose. By way of example, a few years back Nordstrom dropped iPads into there men’s department — without a clear intent. Customers were confused, and most touch-time came from teenagers hanging out. Since then, they’ve worked hard to land digital technology (see smart mirrors in beauty and cosmetics) with a clear purpose. Better yet, they’ve remapped the customer journey to allow customers “discovery” time, and a clear way to ask for help so that unparalled customer service isn’t shelved. Point is, make digital additive to the physical shopping experience. Not a substitute to customer service, or a drift from the brand.

This trend and idea is applicable across retailers. Banks look to integrate product and online access in the branch; wireless carriers are rethinking their visitor flow pattern and surrounding it with a digital shopping experience; and B2B2C companies are using digital to maintain a consistent shopping experience across a non-captive dealer/agent network.

Our CX practice combines consumer research, concept testing and industrial engineering to rethink what’s possible. When it comes to Digital and Physical playing nicely, the best is yet to come.

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