Dreamforce 2016: An Uncommon Blend of Events Exemplifies Leadership

Dreamforce 2016: An Uncommon Blend of Events Exemplifies Leadership

Last Friday concluded Salesforce.com’s technical extravaganza, Dreamforce.  Dreamforce is held annually in San Francisco, and in addition to endless technical sessions, business hook ups and opportunities for networking, the event includes numerous musical guests.  This year Dreamforce attendees were lucky enough to enjoy access to a full blown, no holds barred, outdoor concert by the enigmatic band from Dublin, U2.

By happenstance, this year’s Dreamforce precedes another annual San Francisco tradition, Fleet Week.  Every year in October, a number of active military ships dock in San Francisco for a whole week.  Like Salesforce.com, the US Navy does not hold back in its annual California production, and events include an air show by the Navy’s premier performance group, The Blue Angels.  The Blue Angels is a team of elite US Navy pilots who conduct death defying air shows in their F/A-18 Hornets.

Thanks to detailed planning and a bit of luck, conference attendees not only had access to all that Dreamforce has to offer, but were treated to numerous Blue Angels rehearsals above and around the City of San Francisco.

Salesforce.com, U2 and the Blue Angles are all leaders within their industries.  Salesforce.com pioneered enterprise cloud computing; U2 continues to transform the world of rock and roll, building their own unique combination of activism and performance; and The Blue Angels offer a celebration of engineering and training to showcase the might and opportunities offered by the US Navy.

None of these industry leaders are without controversy, and in many ways, their individual missions can be anathema to each other.  However, there’s some key commonalities including:

  • Strong team vision
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Consistent execution

All three of these organizations have clear mission statements.  Salesforce.com introduced cloud computing in 1999, a time when few believed any company would be willing to house key customer data outside of their organization.  No one can deny the death defying nature of a Blue Angels performance, and anyone who was fortunate enough to attend U2’s Dreamforce concert was treated to yet another of many exemplary performances by the band.

It’s fair to say Salesforce.com, U2 and the Blue Angels offered San Francisco and guests an “uncommon blend” of opportunities for education, entertainment and sheer inspiration.  West Monroe Partners also strives to offer an “uncommon blend” of people and services for our customers.  Partnering with West Monroe Partners will drive your company to success as we work with you to define your team’s vision, work to mitigate risk while identifying key decision points, and of course execute on your strategy.

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