Dynamics CRM 2013 Tutorial: Addressing Issues with Opening or Creating Opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

I ran into this error while building an on-line Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 solution for a client. Since the client was using an on-line 30 day trial version, I was initially unable to isolate the problem, as I could not run an error log report.  After spending many hours with the Microsoft IT CRM Dynamics tech support team to isolate and resolve the problem, I can now share my findings in the hopes of providing a quick solution to future users who might experience this error.

Unable to Open an Existing Opportunity, or Create a New Opportunity within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online
The Issue: When attempting to open up an Opportunity within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 online, you receive the following error message:


The Cause? The Default View for the Opportunity has been corrupted.

How to Solve this Issue:

1.       Create a new View for the Opportunity, save and then publish your newly created View.


2.       Once the new View is created, select the new View and set as the new Default View.  (Don’t forget to save and publish your work.)




3.       Refresh your browser and/or log out of Dynamics CRM.


4.       Log back into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-line instance via Office 365, using your CRM credentials.


5.       Open up an existing Opportunity or create a New Opportunity.


6.       SUCCESS!


Hopefully this tutorial will help you address this issue (should it come up). Have you upgraded to Dynamics CRM 2013? Or are you considering an initial implementation? Contact us to discuss your plans. You can email us at marketing@westmonroepartners.com. 


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