Why ‘Easy’ Matters – A ‘CX’ Series on Understanding the Impact of Customer Effort

West Monroe’s Customer Experience team has done a lot of work over the last few years to understand the bottom-line impact of customer effort. Client work across a broad range of industries – banks & credit unions, personal & commercial insurance, energy & utilities, and healthcare to name a few – has highlighted the importance of creating effortless experiences.

Over the next few months, our CX team will be discussing the links between your customer’s effort and Customer Experience success.  We will discuss tactical and strategic CX insights across a wide variety of industries, channels, and customer segments. We will also discuss how to develop a culture that encourages delivery of effortless experiences.

We will discuss the impact of customer effort via six key themes to understand how it links to Customer Experience success.

Measure. Not all experiences and customers are created equal. Solutions should be actionable and quantifiable, focused on building loyalty, and ultimately profitability, among your most valuable customers.

Understand. Leveraging industry specific benchmarks, our deep experience with Customer Centric design, and proprietary analysis tools to identify where and how they need to improve for biggest impact.

Decode. Whether it’s Big Data, disparate information from your existing systems, or simply the onslaught of best practices, research and analysis available, we discern and decipher critical insight from background noise.

Collaboration. Customer experience programs require organizational alignment, leadership buy-in, successful vendor and technology partnerships and strong governance. Our goal is to bring those teams together and ensure success.

Design. Effortless and engaging customer experiences don’t just happen – they are thoughtfully architected, from a consumer, business, and technology perspective, following a clear plan to strategic outcomes.

Implementation. Built with leading technology, and surrounded by program management, our team guides your organization through the entire program lifecycle, from technical implementation and strategic oversight, to employee training and on-going support.

The Bottom-Line: “Easy” matters because reduced customer effort leads to higher customer lifetime value (CLV) and improved profitability.

We are looking forward to an engaging conversation over the next few months!

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