From College to Consulting

As a recent graduate from the University of Washington, the last seven months have been highly influential not only on myself as a person, but on my career as well. During the first four of the past seven months, I participated in a consulting internship for West Monroe Partners, transitioning to full-time upon graduating. Heretofore, I’ve learned about the vast technological landscape involved in Business Technology, and implications of specialization on success. What about specialization is important? At West Monroe Partners, I have mentors that guide me day by day, providing me with insight into specific technologies, ultimately allowing me to ramp up on Customer Relationship Management technologies– mainly Salesforce, and BI concepts and their applications very quickly. Having this guidance has played a key role to my success thus far, as it’s allowed me to quickly develop a strong foundation in my field of work while building an understanding of its importance in the industries we work in.

West Monroe Partners has been a great place to work, especially following graduation. The environment is built in a way to foster growth, with mentors that are readily available and eager to help with any and all questions that I may have. Dean Fischer, the CEO of West Monroe Partners, has the belief that “he with the best people, wins”– my experience has shown how much value this statement has at West Monroe Partners, they truly want you to develop and become the best you can be. There are so many opportunities available at West Monroe to develop– whether it be skills on projects, or developing long lasting relationships with people who really care about your success and well being.

Personally, I have learned that I enjoy working with data and metrics, so I will primarily be focused on honing my Business Intelligence skills. There’s multiple certifications available out there for virtually anything you can think of. I find these certifications to be valuable, especially coming out of school, because not only does it demonstrate your aptitude in the skills preached by your resume, but it gives yourself a measure to test your knowledge against.  For Business Intelligence, Microsoft offers multiple Certifications for SQL Server, the first of which I passed in March and plan to take many more in the near future. It’s been an intense ride, but a rewarding venture that I most likely wouldn’t get to experience anywhere else at my age.

Phone: 312-602-4000
222 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60606
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