From the Windy City to the Twin Cities – Transferring within West Monroe

Since starting my career at West Monroe Partners in June 2013, I always imagined I might transfer to another office – I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. On April 1st, I officially joined the Minneapolis office. After 21 months at our corporate headquarters in Chicago, it was time for me to start the next chapter of my personal and professional journey.

I am the most recent of four to transfer from Chicago to Minneapolis within West Monroe since the inception of our Minneapolis office in January 2013. Based on my fiancé’s career and my own entrepreneurial interests, I started looking into the possibility of transferring to a smaller office within West Monroe. In October 2014 at their annual strategy retreat, the Minneapolis office announced Advanced Analytics and Healthcare as new practices to target for growth. Coming from the Advanced Analytics practice in Chicago and looking for a somewhat entrepreneurial experience, the opportunity to join a new practice and help build it from the ground up had me hooked.

In retrospect, my transfer process was somewhat formal and somewhat informal. In December, West Monroe flew me out to Minneapolis to spend a couple of days in the office to assess whether my transfer would be a mutual fit and to join their quarterly office meeting. Everyone in Minneapolis was extremely welcoming, and it was almost strange just how normal it felt to spend a couple days in the life of a West Monroe Minnesotan. After the holidays, I received the news that I would be given the opportunity to transfer to Minneapolis.

After spending over a few months in the Minneapolis office, it has definitely shaped up to be what I had hoped for. While the office and people have many of the same unique traits as the greater West Monroe identity and culture (such as a people first mentality, doing good in the community instead of just doing well as a company, and many others) it definitely feels like I’ve joined a startup – the exact blend that I was looking for. I’ve been able to integrate into the office fairly quickly, having represented the office at a volunteer opportunity in the Minneapolis community and helping represent the office at a University of Minnesota recruiting event.

I am very grateful to West Monroe for the Minneapolis transfer as it has enabled and empowered me to pursue both my personal and professional goals. I will be sure to give another update in the months to come as my journey in Minneapolis unfolds.

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  • John Porachan July 23, 2015 5:16 pm

    As a consultant myself for many years I enjoyed reading the brief synopsis of your “transfer” experience. I wish you continued success with West Monroe and hope that you and your fiance continue to enjoy your new home.

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