Great New Videos from Microsoft Regarding the Spring ’14 Release of Dynamics CRM

While everyone is gearing up for the upcoming release of Dynamics CRM 2015 in a few months, Microsoft recently posted some great new videos that cover some of the new features present in the Spring ’14 release of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM 2013 product.  It’s great to see Microsoft coming up with different ways to deliver their message about the new features for the Dynamics CRM product.  I personally find the video medium a much better method for learning about these exciting new features versus reading about them on a various sites or KB articles.

The enhancements to the queue and the new routing rules are the most applicable new features for me because they could be applied to current projects that I am working on.  To me, the most exciting new feature has to be the Social Listening capabilities provided by the integration of social CRM from Microsoft.  I think Microsoft did a great job integrating this component so that Issues/Cases/Leads generated should dovetail nicely into existing processes that a client has setup to handle Issues/Cases/Leads generated by conventional means.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14

Product Updates

Service Management Overview

Sandbox Instance

Dynamics CRM Online License Management

Case Management Enhancements

Queue Enhancements

Routing Rules 

Overview of Unified Service Desk

Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14


Sales Scenarios

Marketing Scenarios

Customer Care Scenarios

Trial Walkthrough

Understanding Sentiment

Tuning search topics

Setting Up Search Topic

Managing Alerts 

Working with Facebook Pages

Understanding Quotas

Analytics Deep Dive

Identifying Influencers 

Managing Users and Settings 

Working With Posts 

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring ’14


CRM Connector Setup

Administration in O365

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