Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) 1.3 for Windows Released

Last week Hortonworks released Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) 1.3 for the Windows operating system. Hortonworks is already the only distribution of Hadoop that runs on Windows and this release brings feature parity with the Linux distributions to Windows. This is important for two reasons: One, 70% of all servers in the world run Windows operating systems. These are typical West Monroe Partners clients like banks, utilities, manufacturing, and insurance companies. Secondly, HDP contains significant performance improvements for Hive to enable human time query capabilities as well as a whole wave of improvements for the rest of the ecosystem.

This release continues Hortonwork’s proven commitment to the Hadoop ecosystem by opening it to the Windows platform. This increases the breadth of the ecosystem and allows the technology to evolve into new and exciting solutions and offerings. This will involve new platforms, applications, and uses for Hadoop that are likely to be different than what many use the platform for today. Certainly batch processing and analytics will be expanded through diverse usage in many industries. This is only aided by the ease of which HDP can be integrated with existing analytics tools like PowerPivot, PowerView, and SQL Server Analysis Services.

Hadoop is evolving very quickly and it is critical to have a platform that keeps feature parity for all users and on all operating systems, thus encouraging the use of the latest features like lower query latency, NFSv3, and better sqoop support for HCatalog. This provides portability for users to choose the operating system it is best for them to run Hadoop. For some organizations this will be Linux, for some Windows, and for others the cloud (HDP is the technology that underlies Azure HDInsight – Microsoft’s cloud based Hadoop platform). This choice and portability is a core part of what has made open source software so successful in the first place and Hortonworks is leading the way in continuing this tradition with its support of Apache Hadoop. This also makes it easier to transition a solution from a proof of concept on a small installation to a much larger platform that may be on a different operating system altogether.

All this leads to Hadoop making true inroads into the corporate / enterprise market while remaining open and broadly supported. This is why West Monroe Partners is excited to be a partner of Hortonworks and support them in their goal to grow and improve the entire Hadoop ecosystem.

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