How to Add Product Images to a Salesforce Quote

The standard Quote functionality allows users to add images to line items within sales quotes. We recently helped a customer of ours set up their Products and Pricing in, which included adding images of their products beside each item on their quote.

It’s a simple, 4-step process, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of available documentation on this feature (even though it’s highly requested in the Salesforce user community). That in mind, we thought you might this quick tutorial useful training if you’d like to add images to standard quote line items.

Step 1:
Store the images to Documents and check the “Externally Available Image” checkbox to make it externally available.

Step 2:
Create a field on the Product Detail named Picture URL (URL data type) and save the corresponding Document image URL to the Product Record in this custom field. (Example of such a URL:

Step 3:
Create a formula field on the Quote Line Item Detail to access the Product Picture URL field like this:

Step 4:
And lastly, add the Quote Line Item Detail Formula field to the quote Template.

The result! The products listed on your Quote .pdf will look something like this:

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