How to Reopen, Update, and Close an Opportunity in a Plugin

I recently had a situation when I needed to update a field on an Opportunity that had been closed when a related record is created. (It has information that isn’t available at the time of Close.) Since Opportunities that are won (or lost) are deactivated/read only, I needed to re-open the opportunity, update the field and then re-close the Opportunity. I’ll need something like this again in the future, so I decided to put it on the blog.

Below is code that runs after the processing in the plugin is completed. If you need the full code for a plugin, refer to the CRM 2011 SDK.

/* Reopen the Opportunity record */
SetStateRequest openOpp = new SetStateRequest();
openOpp.EntityMoniker = oppRef;
openOpp.State = new OptionSetValue(0);

// Store the status so we can reset it back to the same value later
// We don’t want to lose the reason why we won this opportunity

OptionSetValue status = (OptionSetValue)opportunity[“statuscode”];

// We don’t want to lose the amount either, the other values should save fine

Money actualValue = opportunity[“actualvalue”];

// set the status to Qualification temporarily

openOpp.Status = new OptionSetValue(200000);

/* Now the Opportunity can have fields updated */

// Set the Project Number

opportunity[“new_project”] = projectNo;

// Set the status code to the generic value we use for open opportunities

opportunity[“statuscode”] = new OptionSetValue(200000);

/* Re-Close the Opportunity record */

WinOpportunityRequest winOpp = new WinOpportunityRequest();

// update the status to what it was before the Opportunity was reopened and close as Won

winOpp.OpportunityClose = new Entity(“opportunityclose”);
winOpp.OpportunityClose[“opportunityid”] = oppRef;
winOpp.OpportunityClose[“actualvalue”] = actualValue ;
winOpp.Status = status;


If you needed to do this update for both Won and Lost Opportunities, you would need logic to switch between the WinOpportunityRequest and LostOpportunityRequest.

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