Independent Agents Should Use Physical Presence to Differentiate Themselves

Local agents have an advantage over regional/national brokers if they know how to leverage their physical closeness to their market.

There’s no substitute for spending time with your existing or potential clients, or being able to establish and develop personal relationships. Where regional/national brokers sometimes fall short is the level of personalized experience they can offer their customers that simply can’t compare with the “face time” that comes from in-person meetings. These face-to-face meetings help develop a long term relationship that is built on trust. The key is to create opportunities that have some benefit for everyone.

For example, create an insurance-themed social event, such as seminars on the dangers of text messaging or free evaluation of their current insurance coverage. Demonstrating your connection to the community helps people see that you are interested in their welfare and future.

Face-to-face meetings facilitate discussions, discussions that can reveal other opportunities to support their goals with additional coverage that they might otherwise not even know are available.

I know I am more loyal to someone I’ve met than an anonymous person from the internet. I like knowing my agent and that he knows me. I appreciate hearing from him from time-to-time to evaluate my insurance needs as my priorities change.

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