State/Federal Jurisdiction Over Cyber Security Remains Key Legislative Issue

There has been a flurry of activity in Congress on the issue of cyber security in recent weeks. Some bills have failed, some executive motions have arisen in their wake, and what remains as the dust settles is the fundamental question of how jurisdiction on cyber security policy and oversight should be defined between states and the federal government.…

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Building Loyalty One Customer Experience At A Time – Part II

Other brands could learn a lot from the customer engagement DirecTV exhibited during their difficult and challenging outage of the Viacom programming a few weeks ago (see Part I of this post). They have created a loyal following of “Raving Fans” due to their commitment to Customer Engagement, providing a reliable product and high quality programming at a reasonable (though not the...

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Geospatial Project Management using SharePoint

A better PMO approach: Efficient project management and situational awareness using direct feedback. Background One of our regional Investor Owned Utilities was rolling out a new Microwave Radio, IP/MPLS Network and 2-way radio system all at the same time. Their PMO was finding it difficult to manage multiple work streams due to the number of vendors, 40 plus locations, type of milestones, and...

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Maine Ruling on Opt Out Puts the Focus on Health Issues Again

The policy developments on the AMI Opt Out front continue to heat up, and what is particularly interesting is the sharp contrast among how various state regulatory and legislative bodies are interpreting and / or ruling on the health issue of smart meters. The big event in the last week was the finding by Maine Supreme Court, which ruled that the Maine Public Utilities Commission did not...

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The Energy Management System

Webster’s dictionary defines a system as; a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.  It’s only been in the last 30 years that our day to day vernacular has associated the word system with a computer.  The same can be said for the phrase Energy Management System, just because the word system is embedded, it doesn’t necessarily mean that...

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SharePoint 2013 Functional Preview

“The New SharePoint,” SharePoint 2013, promises to raise your expectations as a collaborative workplace tool. The WMP Enterprise Content Management Team will create weekly blog installments profiling the latest end user tools making SharePoint 2013 the best SharePoint experience to date!  Over the next quarter you’ll read about SharePoint 2013 and the...

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Smart Grid Stakeholder Education & Engagement Strategies – be realistic!

Almost every day I see articles about new ideas or technologies to help utilities educate and engage stakeholders on the benefits of Smart Grid and AMI.  Whether it be portals, social networks, mobile apps, colored buttons, or big shiny buses, the reality is that most Communications, Marketing or Customer Operations departments (those most responsible for customer education and engagement)...

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“Courting Customers” is Key in AMI Deployments

I served as legislative & regulatory policy manager at Sempra Energy, parent company of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in the mid-2000’s and had a hand in drafting the utility’s AMI business case that was approved by the CPUC in 2007. Thus, I am particularly pleased to see the recognition that SDG&E is now getting for becoming, once it installs the last of its...

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The Green Button provides value to Energy Customers in a standard and secure way, and presents several challenges for Utilities.

In September 2011, the U.S. CTO challenged utilities to adopt and drive the Green Button initiative, which provides Customers with a way to receive and use their Energy Usage Information (EUI).  By now, several utilities and third party product vendors have adopted and implemented Green Button support and capabilities to address this challenge. …

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Fixed Mobile Convergence – WMP-OneCall Saves Significant Telecom Costs

Costs associated with telecommunications services represent an operational expenditure that is sometimes second only to salaries in many corporations today. Traditional call convergence technologies give you the services that many companies already take advantage of: utilizing one number/one voicemail scenarios, follow-me roaming and simultaneous ring. WMP-OneCall takes this one step further...

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