Our Latest Insurance Insights

Across your industry, insurers remain focused on a wide variety of innovative and exciting effortsfrom building claims information dashboards to enhance insight, to selecting state-of-the art solutions to drive future sales operations and agency management, to assessing and refining new products and marketing strategies. While each of you faces unique challenges and varying priorities, we have...

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Solvency II: Have you considered the impact?

Solvency II brings new regulatory requirements for insurance firms operating in the European Union.  Solvency II introduces economic risk-based solvency requirements which are more sophisticated and enable more customized ways of estimating capital requirements. These updated requirements will force insurers to revisit their current technology stacks and general approaches for maintaining an...

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Healthcare Insights from Poopstrong.org

Arijit Guha recently made the news by convincing Aetna to pay all of his outstanding medical bills once he exceeded his lifetime max on his university sponsored student health plan.  The healthcare consumer landscape continues to evolve as payer executives venture into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  Mark Bertolini is not afraid to enter the public conversation regarding...

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SharePoint 2013 Functional Preview

“The New SharePoint,” SharePoint 2013, promises to raise your expectations as a collaborative workplace tool. The WMP Enterprise Content Management Team will create weekly blog installments profiling the latest end user tools making SharePoint 2013 the best SharePoint experience to date!  Over the next quarter you’ll read about SharePoint 2013 and the...

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Biometrics – The Future (Again) of Payments

During the mid-2000’s start-up companies such as Pay by Touch and BioPay were piloting biometric payment platforms through gas station chains and grocery stores in the US.  At its height, Pay by Touch had several million users before the company crashed due to management problems.  The knock on biometrics as a payment vehicle has always been privacy concerns and the Big Brother...

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Using Leading Indicators as Preventative Care for Business Health

Typically, organizations rely on lagging indicators to measure and monitor performance. These metrics may present a picture of past performance, but they tend to expose problems after the fact, when the problems are more complicated and expensive to fixif they can be fixed at all. Leading indicators are predictive metrics that can help identify potential future problems and enable you to...

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Solvency II – Are you Ready?

Solvency II is the European insurance industry’s Y2K, with a host of vendors competing in the space.  Although insurance companies have been preparing for Solvency II for a couple of years, not all have made their decisions about the technology still needed to address all elements of the new regulation framework.…

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Customers continue channel surfing. What are you doing to retain your insured?

Property and casualty insurance carriers are facing rapid and pervasive changes in how they acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships. Residual effects of the financial crisis, emerging competitors, changing demographics, and technology evolution are just some of the environmental factors forcing a shift within the industry. Customer retention becomes a central focus when designing...

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Managing the Customer Experience in the fast – paced competitive Property and Casualty Insurance Industry

In a fast-changing and increasingly competitive insurance marketplace, carriers must put the customer experience at the center of their business strategy in order to improve customer retention and position themselves for success. Property and casualty insurance carriers are facing rapid and pervasive changes in how they acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships.…

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Reinvent your Business as Usual

The effects of the financial markets, new channels and emerging competitors, and shifting customer demands and preferences are just a few of the trends forcing insurance companies to transform the way they do business. Making the leap forward requires developing clear answers to some key questions: Where are the opportunities (product lines, sales channels, geographies)?…

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