Why healthcare organizations should be thinking about tomorrow today

Payers today face evolving and unclear industry regulation and an increasingly competitive landscape.  Inevitably, the Affordable Care Act presents a handful of problems to healthcare insurers: evolving mandates, new plan design requirements, emergence of direct to consumer marketing, and profit ceilings —  just to name a few. To mitigate the risks of a changing industry landscape...

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How to Avoid Groundhog Day Syndrome in Software Demonstrations

As your organization’s project manager in a software selection, you’ve been working hard for the last month or two gathering requirements, reviewing RFPs, and managing the team’s expectations. The time for the software demonstrations has arrived at last and you walk into the presentation room and think you finally have an opportunity to sit back with a donut, cup of coffee, and watch the...

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Best Practices Negotiating Enterprise Software

The last phase of the software selection process, negotiations, is often the most overlooked, especially from the perspective of the IT organization.  But once you have analyzed a vendor’s initial total cost of ownership (TCO) and evaluated the options via a balanced scorecard framework, you need to have a plan for software negotiations; it cannot be an afterthought of your selection...

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Understanding the trade-offs of various software selection project approaches

Depending on my client’s priorities and appetite as it relates to timeline, budget and risk in the selection process, I recommend one of the following five approaches to software selection for the most important business applications (e.g., ERP, claims platform, loan origination): Standard software selection (10 to 12 weeks) – The most comprehensive and recommended option, with the longest...

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They say variety is the spice of life – but does the same hold true for Big Data?

Last week Chicago was one of 29 host cities around the world for Big Data Week, a week-long series of workshops on big data and analytics.  I had the privilege of giving a ten minute “rapid-fire” talk about big data in banking and also attended a number of other workshops.  It was a fun, thought-provoking week full of interesting case studies and great networking between government...

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Improving Technology Transfer through Collaboration – How Life Science and Pharma Organizations Can Manage Content While Minimizing Risk

If you read our recent post on “A Shifting Pharmaceutical Industry”, you know that the emerging ‘niche buster’ model is pushing organizations to become more flexible, nimble and collaborative as the breadth of their product portfolios increases. Despite the changes and challenges, organizations need to intelligently approach how they manage content and minimize the risks of tech transfer.…

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A Shifting Pharmaceutical Industry

How is the Pharmaceutical Industry Shifting?  There’s no doubt that the declining number of blockbuster drugs on the market has caused a dramatic change in how pharmaceutical companies operate.  As the industry begins to realize that a blockbuster-driven  strategy is not in and of itself sufficient to drive growth, drug companies are starting to move away from the one size fits...

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A Message from Dean Fischer, CEO

To our clients and friends,  It’s hard to believe another year is already coming to a close. This was a particularly noteworthy year for West Monroe Partners, as we celebrated our tenth anniversary. But as much as I enjoy reflecting on what has happened, doing so almost always draws me toward thinking about the futureand not just the future of our business, but what we can and should...

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Enabling “Light Touch” Quality Management

Pharmaceutical companies are headed in a new direction in the non-blockbuster era. As a result, pharma leaders are in a unique position. This New World has resulted in widely dispersed and disparate operations.  Successful leaders will be those who harness the diversity and complexity, versus those who fight to centralize and control and would benefit from a light touch...

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