One Important Lesson from J.C. Penney

Earlier this week, J.C. Penney decided to bring Ron Johnson’s reign as CEO to an end after only 17 months on the job. This certainly wasn’t surprising based on their 2012 results – revenue down $4.3B, loss of nearly $1B, and a 50% drop in stock price. In all of the coverage of his downfall, one quote caught my attention from Bill Ackman, accomplished hedge fund manager who helped...

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“Smooth” Optimization

I LOVE smoothies! Delicious treats for those with seemingly healthy habits, and an alternative to milkshakes for those with a sweet-tooth like myself. And where do we all get them? Most likely Jamba Juice as they are definitely the main player in this $2B industry. If you, like me, frequent the establishment on occasion, then you’ve most likely noticed the changes that seem to happen...

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Change Management and How To Prevent IT Outages

The value of Change Management comes from the controls and processes that are put in place to prevent unintended outages. It is anticipated that more than 70% of all Incidents (i.e. outages) within an IT organization are the direct result of a change being made; as was evidenced by the most recent Amazon ELB Services outage that lasted almost 24 hours and was attributed to a change made by a...

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A Message from Dean Fischer, CEO

To our clients and friends,  It’s hard to believe another year is already coming to a close. This was a particularly noteworthy year for West Monroe Partners, as we celebrated our tenth anniversary. But as much as I enjoy reflecting on what has happened, doing so almost always draws me toward thinking about the futureand not just the future of our business, but what we can and should...

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A Tale of Two Shoes

It was the best of shoes, it was the worst of…experiences.  Every day in the Customer Experience practice at West Monroe, we think about how to help clients focus on the customer and develop strategies to change their approach to that end. When I personally encounter a bad bit of customer experience, I am therefore that much more aware of it, and am able to add it to my arsenal of...

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Is your warehouse productivity flatlining?

Manufacturers and distributors face increasing pressures to maximize efficiency in their warehouses. But how they do so varies greatly. Finding the right balance of processes, technology, labor productivity, equipment and training is an art form. Warehouse managers must integrate these components into a comprehensive strategy, something that is easier said than done.…

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Supply Chain Revolving Around the Globe

Supply chain technologies are constantly evolving to keep up with the increasing globalization and complexity faced by organizations trying to manage their supply chains, keep costs down and maintain continuity in service and delivery. Many companies rely on a complex mix of spreadsheets fed by manual data entry and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; few of them use best-of-breed...

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What’s your strategy to reduce your labor cost by 10% without sacrificing quality or customer service?

Many banks use an across the board method of workforce reduction laying off a pre-determined percentage of employees across the organization based on arbitrary factors like shortest tenure. This kind of top-down strategy for workforce reduction is a risky endeavor and often leads to unintended results. Although across the board reduction is an easy strategy to implement, the only time it might...

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SharePoint 2013 Functional Preview

“The New SharePoint,” SharePoint 2013, promises to raise your expectations as a collaborative workplace tool. The WMP Enterprise Content Management Team will create weekly blog installments profiling the latest end user tools making SharePoint 2013 the best SharePoint experience to date!  Over the next quarter you’ll read about SharePoint 2013 and the...

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Are Excessive Couponing & Discounts Ruining Customer Experience?

Recessionary addiction to sales and couponing has business by the throat. Excessive discounting dilutes brand value, diverts attention from customer experience and gives the masses too much control in all the wrong ways. Ron Johnson’s limp out of the gate with JCPenney’s new pricing strategy reveals just how hard it is to loosen the digits of the consumer’s iron grip.…

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