It Takes Two to Travel

There is no shortage of articles about how empowering it is to travel alone to a destination. Whether this finds its way onto your bucket list or not, it is trendy to go on an adventure with yourself as your only company – or is it? Not for actual companies.

Companies such as Delta, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Concur, Uber, Airbnb, and many more are extending certain options to the business world. In an effort to provide faster travel methods, more booking options, and easier expense management, companies are partnering with one another to provide greater benefits to the end traveler. These companies believe partnerships offer business travelers more personalized travel experiences that contribute to their perfect trip. Partnerships bring more time-flexibility, rewards, and convenience to business travelers as evidenced in the following examples that have enhanced the business trip of many frequent fliers.

Airlines work with the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) to allow TSA Precheck

Time is money.

For business travelers, few things are more irritating than standing in long security lines. To avoid the seemingly endless lines at airport security, frequent fliers should enroll in TSA Precheck. Instituted in 2011, Precheck grants travelers access to faster lines and reduced screening time, eliminating body scanners and the controversial, uncomfortable pat-down. Finally, TSA Precheck permits technological devices to remain inside luggage and out of other travelers’ sight. Ultimately, TSA Precheck averts business travelers from having to arrive at the airport hours prior to scheduled departure. That extra time can be used to work or catch some extra zzz’s!

Crossover Rewards with Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) and Delta SkyMiles

Seeing Double…Points!

As part of SkyMiles, members earn miles flying to their destination. During a member’s stay, members can earn additional miles by sleeping. As part of SPG, members can earn even more miles by staying at any of the ten Starwood brands. Signing up for both reward programs offers travelers a variety of ways to use accumulated points, ranging from paying for hotel stays and airline flights to elite traveling benefits like priority check-in, priority boarding, and a free first checked bag. Additionally, an SPG membership includes internet in all rooms and faster check in and later check out services. The more miles incurred, the greater the benefits!

Concur Partners with Uber to Simplify Business Travel

Quick and Easy!

Business travelers continue to embrace new technology to get where they need to go. Business trips are dictated by agendas, making convenience, punctuality, and reliability principal motivators when choosing a mode of travel. Uber provides efficient and effective transportation at times that are arranged around business itineraries. In addition, Uber being tied to Concur means “reliable, quality rides, and easier paperless trips.” Both Concur and Uber supply their users with mobile applications, allowing users to request, ride, pay, and automatically expense their transportation all from their mobile device. The integration of Concur and Uber simplifies the use of the two platforms as well as enhancing and expanding visibility into ground transportation spend.

Airbnb Brings the Sharing Economy to Business Travelers with Concur

Sharing and Caring!

Recently, the sharing economy has seen great interest from business travelers. One of the (arguably) main drivers of the sharing economy, Airbnb, announced a partnership with Concur, extending more booking options and easier expense management to business travelers. With an increasing number of business travelers taking advantage of a new era of hospitality suppliers like Airbnb, employers need to incorporate Airbnb in their travel management program. Airbnb affords business travelers a more personalized trip, and Concur ensures that “fiscal visibility and duty of care responsibilities are met.”

So the next time you take your business in the sky or on the road, double down on time, double up on points, and simplify your travel on the double. Do not forget corporate partnerships! After all, it takes two to do business, and it takes two to travel.

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