Jessica Klobucar’s Uncommon Blend

Jessica Klobucar’s Uncommon Blend

Each month we highlight a different Dare to be Great employee who embodies the Uncommon Blend or Challenge Accepted attitude that makes West Monroe Partners and everyone that works here so unique! This month, meet Jessica Klobucar, a Senior Marketing Operations Specialist in Shared Services, based in Chicago.

How did you get started at West Monroe?
It was just after the New Year in 2014 and I was looking for a new career move. I Googled the best places to work in Chicago and West Monroe Partners appeared at the #4 spot on the Chicago Tribune’s 2013 ‘Best Places to Work’ list. I hadn’t heard of West Monroe at the time, but it was that recognition that put West Monroe on the map for me. I did some research and found out that West Monroe had everything that I was looking for in a company: a people-first culture, a strong foundation of giving back to the community, and an abundance of opportunities to turn what could be just a job, into a career. I applied for an open position on the Marketing team where my primary role would be to manage our internal CRM system, InterAction. Luckily, the stars aligned and I got the job! Here I am two and a half years later with a Marketing team that has since doubled in size, a new CRM system and Marketing Automation tool, and a path for a long-term career with West Monroe.

What is your proudest or coolest accomplishment at West Monroe?
My proudest accomplishment at West Monroe was the rollout of Salesforce in July 2016. I was told early on in my career here that we would eventually move from InterAction to Salesforce. With that in mind, I knew that I had to learn as much as a could about InterAction and the way that our users used the system before that time came. I spent the next two years preparing for what would be my most exciting and career developing moment at West Monroe. All of that preparation finally paid off this year, when we decided to move forward with the implementation. I am so thankful I was trusted to be the liaison between the Project team and the Client team for an implementation of this magnitude. It was an amazing learning experience that I will never forget!

How do you identify as part of the Uncommon Blend?
It was my work on the Salesforce rollout that made me realize how much I identify with the Uncommon Blend that is West Monroe. It was important to me that I walk along the same path as our users during our Salesforce rollout, so that I could understand their current challenges. I translated their thoughts into action and made improvements along the way that made positive and immediate impacts on our users’ experience. I realized then that I truly embodied the Uncommon Blend that West Monroe has built its foundation on.

What is your Challenge Accepted moment?
The best part about the Salesforce rollout was working with West Monroe consultants from different practices, roles, and levels and saying “Challenge Accepted!” together. It was because of the unique blend of business consultants and deep technologists on the project that we were able to go live with Salesforce in just 11 short weeks! I could not have been happier to say ‘Challenge Accepted’ with our Salesforce Rollout team. #oneteamonedream

How would you describe West Monroe in two words?
Strong values

If you were trapped on a deserted island, who from West Monroe would you bring and why?
If I were trapped on a deserted island with one person from West Monroe, it would definitely be Tricia Anklan. Through the Fisher Fellowship Program, she recently spent eight months in Nicaragua running a water quality testing program to provide a community safe, drinkable water. Tricia is clearly qualified to keep us both alive, would be able to figure out how to get us off the island, and would keep me laughing the whole time. Did I mention that she loves the outdoors?

Phone: 312-602-4000
222 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60606
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