Keyword Data from Google Searches No Longer Available to Marketing Automation Platforms

One great feature of ClickDimensions has been the ability to look at which keyword searches lead visitors to your website. Found in the Keywords column of the Page Views section, this has been a insightful way to study what your visitors are searching for against the content you’re delivering to them.

However, Google has now officially transitioned all analytics data to Secure Search, which will make keyword data from organic Google searches unavailable going forward. This will affect the way marketers study customer behavior (as it not only applies to marketing automation platforms like ClickDimensions, but even to Google’s own Analytics tools.)

All is not completely lost; you can still see which pages are getting the most visits, study the time visitors spend on those pages, look at abandon rates, etc., and search engines like Bing and Yahoo are still providing organic keyword search data. However, since Google makes up the lion’s share of search, marketers will now have a large gap in the information necessary for proper SEO and content creation planning.

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