LEAN versus Technology: Adversaries or Allies?

Manufacturers are constantly trying to find ways to promote efficiencies implementing LEAN techniques without sacrificing quality, balancing new technology advances with cost to implement and train staff, not to mention perceived savings.

  • How do you find the right balance of process, technology and LEAN programs?
  • Have you reached optimal levels of inventory? Have your improvement initiatives really succeeded in increasing fill rates and/or reducing cycle times?
  • Are you confident that you have maximized and balanced plant capacity?
  • Is your organization able to meet challenging delivery schedules, or adapt quickly to changing demand?
  • When you make operational improvements, can you sustain them?

We are hosting a webinar on June 13 on this very topic. We will cover current trends in manufacturing, traditional LEAN approaches to manufacturing excellence and their limitations, specific processes and technology that can be implemented to optimize overall manufacturing efficiency and how to implement a demand-driven technology-enabled LEAN program.

Click here to view the invitation and register for the webinar.

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