Loyalty Expo 2014 Recap

A couple weeks ago I went to Loyalty Expo 2014 in Orlando FL to hear industry speakers discuss new strategy and approaches to customer loyalty. The conference was hosted by Loyalty 360 and featured speakers from well known loyalty pioneers Epsilon, Brierley + Partners, AIMIA, Kobie, Maritz, and Comarch.

Here are some of the speakers and highlights:

“Is Your Loyalty Program Positioned to Deliver Maximum Financial Success?”David Andreadakis workshopped a session on analyzing how your program delivers customer value using a mixture of Emotional and Behavioral Rewards. I took away that programs should focus on providing customers with Emotional Rewards to drive greater engagement without overly discounting the brand & products.

“The Terrain is Everything: Unveiling the Loyalty Landscape”Mark Johnson presented digital marketer knowledge gaps and that loyalty pioneers are making greater investments in Customer Interactions.

“Not Your Father’s Loyalty & Rewards Program”Pierre Bourbonnière presented a case study on the first public transit loyalty program (Société de transport de Montréals OPUS Card ) and wins a Loyalty 360 Award with Innovative Product and Strategy.

“The Science Behind Creating an Integrated Loyalty Strategy”Gayle Bock of T-Mobile/JUMP!/Uncarrier notoriety simply stated what all Loyalty Pioneers must do to enhance their programs:

  1. Think outside the “Points” box and innovate for your customer
  2. Listen to customers, conduct surveys, interviews, and collect data from operations/sales personnel
  3. Everyone is responsible for loyalty within an organization

“A Happy Marriage – When Strategy Meets Technology”John Bartold and Joe Disharoon brought together both sides of the aisle to showcase Epsilon’s Agility Loyalty and SONAR products and the strategy of addressing Customer Latency (the ability of an organization’s systems to respond to a customer based on incoming/changing events and circumstances).

“Personalization: Intimacy or Intimidation?” – The panel discussion centered around using data and technology to interact intimately with your customer but careful not to overstep or make bold assumptions which might intimidate your customer. The bottom line: Customer Intimacy is an extension of Personalization.

“Living Loyal: Transitions Optical Focuses on the Journey to True Brand Loyalty”Sherianne James and Jeremy Ages from Marketing Store Toronto focused on how Transitions lenses became the “Official Sponsor of Sightseeing” through partnerships, customer engagement, and storytelling. By the way, most Loyalty Programs have Personas for each segment such as “Status Seekers”, “Experiential Independents” and “Deal Diggers”, thanks to Marketing Store Toronto.

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