Mike Manfredo’s Uncommon Blend

Mike Manfredo’s Uncommon Blend

Each month we highlight a different Dare to be Great employee who embodies the Uncommon Blend or Challenge Accepted attitude that makes West Monroe Partners and everyone that works here so unique! This month, meet Mike Manfredo, a Principal in our Customer Experience practice, based in Chicago.

How did you get started at West Monroe?
I was introduced to WMP at an event on the University of Illinois campus in 2006 for a consulting group (OTCR Consulting) that I participated in. Mazen Ghalayini and Tom Ewers painted a picture about how WMP was looking to build the organization – as it was approximately 75 folks at the time. Over the remainder of the school year, Emily Retzer and I both “eagerly” communicated with Mazen about WMP starting its inaugural internship program. I am proud to say that I was part of the first official internship class at WMP, and each member of that class is still here at WMP.

What is your proudest/coolest accomplishment at WMP?
Each anniversary that passes is my proudest accomplishment. WMP is all I know in the professional world – I believe WMP is in my DNA, and I’m incredibly grateful for my time here.

*How do you identify as part of the Uncommon Blend? How have you seen this come to life? How would you explain the Uncommon Blend at West Monroe?
My work on the CRM and CX teams often includes executing large-scale technical implementations. However, we approach each of our implementations through the lens of not just the technical requirements for the system, but helping our clients understand how this system/integration/etc. is going support their organization’s efforts in making their customers’ or employees’ experience more effortless. To ensure successful execution and adoption of these technologies, you must be able to paint a larger picture of success, helping client stakeholders (Executives to End Users) connect the dots to demonstrate that success.

How has West Monroe challenged you?
I’ve helped build our CRM team to over 120+ people in my time at West Monroe. In 2011, with a change in CRM leadership and strategy, I was part of a team of only two. From that moment, we started to rebuild the team, piece by piece, until recent acquisitions of companies like Madrona and Etherios to round out our top-tier CRM talent. Through the execution of complex projects and understanding of key use cases we have ultimately become a go-to partner of Salesforce in the Financial Services industry – we’ve been able to build a brand in the market while also building out our team’s knowledge of the platform. I’ve been provided the opportunity to make my mark on the team’s success. For that, I cannot be more grateful.

How would you describe West Monroe in two words?
People First

If you were trapped on a deserted island, who from West Monroe would you bring and why?
If you are trapped on an island, you need someone who you can chat with, who can keep your spirits up, who you can bounce ideas off of and get straightforward feedback, and someone who can point the way when you get a little lost. That person is Reva Busby. She’s someone who has done all of these things on some of my most complex projects (which can feel like you’re on a deserted island sometimes).

Phone: 312-602-4000
Email: marketing@westmonroepartners.com
222 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60606
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