More Improvements to a Great Integration Platform

Our team is embarking on another complex CRM integration project on the Scribe Online platform, and I wanted to take a few minutes to post on some of the new developments with Scribe, which we depend on heavily for integration work for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects.  Scribe has proven itself to be an easy-to-use, reliable tool, with pre-built connectors for many of the applications we work with (Dynamics CRM,, Dynamics GP, and many more).  Here are some of the latest developments from Scribe:

March 2014

Request/Response Integration Maps

Scribe Online has traditionally worked by polling connected systems on an interval for changes to process.  In its March 2014 release, Scribe introduced Request/Response Maps, which allow connected applications to call Scribe Online via an HTTP Message.  Scribe Online will then process the integration map, and return a reply.  This opens up many new integration scenarios that demand real-time information.  In addition, the ability to push changed data from to Scribe minimizes API hits by avoiding the need to poll for changes – which has a cost implication for customers.

Marketing Automation Connectors

Scribe continues to expand its connector list for the marketing automation space – connectors are now available for Silverpop, ExactTarget, SmartFocus, Eloqua, Marketo, and HubSpot.

Enhanced Dynamics GP Connector

The Dynamics GP Connector has been expanded to be able to address more GP entities, which will broaden the set of scenarios that can be supported for CRM to GP integrations.

June 2014

Enhanced Debugging

Debugging is not the easiest process in Scribe Online today.  Thankfully, the June release brings new debug capabilities, including the ability to set breakpoints when debugging maps, which should make the process much smoother.

We continue to be big supporters of Scribe, and definitely recommend a look if you are searching for an integration platform as part of your CRM solution.  Scribe Online is easy to deploy, and strikes a good balance between complexity/capability and ease of use.

Please reach out if you are planning a CRM integration initiative and would like to learn more about our experiences with Scribe, or visit our website

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