On My Mind: Core Systems, Security, and Innovation

On My Mind: Core Systems, Security, and Innovation

As we begin to wrap up this year, I’ve been reflecting on how we drive value to our clients. We believe strong, efficiently run and maintained core systems are the foundation on which businesses endures, grows, and innovates. We believe we provide value to our managed services clients by running these platforms well, so our clients can be better positioned to achieve and exceed their business objectives. We also spend time with our clients advising them on their future IT strategies and plans and this time of year, those conversations are often centered around budgets for 2019. During these conversations, we share our assessments of technical environments and share recommendations regarding what we are seeing in the industry.


This year, many of those conversations have centered around whether now is the time to move services to the cloud. Especially for our clients looking at significant capital expenditures in 2019 due to end of life equipment, it’s prime time to think about taking the leap to a flexible cloud model that is right sized for your organization. By moving to a model for flexibility and scale, we can help you maintain a reliable, predictable, high-performing cloud and technology infrastructure. You may even uncover value in freeing up capital dollars for other investments in your business.


Security is one of the most complex areas of the information technology landscape— and a critical concern for companies in every industry. When it comes to security, there is risk beyond compliance and data loss. Security conversation are typically centered around confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  In some ways, there is less focus on data confidentiality as we have almost become numb to data breaches such as credit cards compromises. If you are not thinking beyond security as protecting data loss, you should. We are seeing an increased focus on attackers impacting availability of systems.  Whether its ransomware crypto jacking, or distributed denial of service attacks — an attack will disrupt your organization’s ability to serve its customers, which can leave a long-lasting brand impact. We believe resiliency to cyber attacks is most important items to consider as part of a cyber security strategy program. Our team is dedicated to running your systems and processes with high quality and efficiency— to keep your operations and data secure. The right resources and expertise can help your organization avoid common security pitfalls and take a proactive stance against cyber threats.

Salesforce Investment

Lastly, whether you’ve been using Salesforce for ten years, ten months, or ten days, your organization has made the strategic decision to invest in an industry leading system. Applications like Salesforce that are deployed in the cloud have a unique blueprint for continued enhancement. The platform has significant new features that are released 3-4 times a year. If you are trying to maximize the investment to its full potential – make sure you are considering both your business requirements and new features in your backlog. If not, you are potentially not maximizing the value of being on a cloud platform.

To learn more about how we can help you with your cloud journey or how our Managed Security Services can help you manage your cyber security risk, contact your Service Delivery Manager or myself.

Finally, as we announce another award for being one of the fastest growing and most innovative Managed Services Providers, I want to thank each of you for being a client and being a part of that growth story. We know we could not so it without your support.

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