Polar Vortex leaves customers feeling icy toward insurance carriers

It is not just health insurance causing people headaches this winter. This unusually cold and stormy weather has created huge customer experience challenges for homeowners insurance carriers as well.

Insurance companies try to work through the volume of claims during these peak times, but many can’t manage the huge influx during weather disasters. My experience reflects the huge opportunity insurance companies still have to improve their customer experience.

I came home from a recent business trip to find multiple leaks in my ceiling and water dripping into my closet and hallway.  Since I live in a condominium, I called my trustees and my insurance company. Soon I had a roofer and adjusters from both my insurance company and my condo building’s insurance company inspecting the damage and all stating it was the other’s fault.  My insurance company would pay to repair my condo but could not do anything about the roof – and any unsuccessful subrogation would cause an increase in my rates.

I found myself heads down in insurance contracts and condo by-laws and making multiple phone calls trying to work through how to best move forward.  I have worked in Insurance for the past 25 years – if I was having trouble deciphering these contracts, how would an average customer fare?

Insurance companies can offer more to their clients in several ways.

  1. An enhanced claims portal could offer content such as links to approved contractors and detailed FAQs and questions to ask your roofer, electrician or general contractor.
  2. A live chat option to link directly to an experienced adjuster can help people understand complex contracts and the options to move forward when multiple parties are involved.
  3. For companies not sure about where to start, a Market and Customer Diagnostic study can identify the key pain points in a company’s claims process and suggest what enhancements would make the most impact in improving customer experience.
  4. Based on those insights, a Claims Portal roadmap can phase these improvements so that the most impactful can be implemented quickly to create a robust site that can provide insight and confidence to customers.

Stepping up to help people when they are distressed is the perfect opportunity to create a customer for life.  As I work though my repairs, I will be very committed to whichever carrier raises the bar to make the process easier and can quickly bring my home back to order.

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