Product Grids in Salesforce

The single most common issue we see for people who have been using Salesforce for a while and struggling with getting the most out of the platform is that the sales team finds adding products to be tedious or confusing.

This is one area where a little bit of customization can go a long way to making the Salesforce fit how the business works.  In this post, we’ll highlight a customized product entry grid that is similar to one built for a SAAS company that needed a way to elegantly add products to a Salesforce opportunity.  The key challenge was that the reps were accustomed to doing this in an Excel interface and they wanted to create as much consistency as possible with the current interface while allowing the reps to model out a 5 year purchase agreement.

So our goals in building this grid were to be as much like Excel as possible while using the standard products objects, and allowing a typical Admin to still manage the products, prices, and families with clicks instead of code.

Here’s a quick screen shot of the grid we designed –

Some features worth highlighting –

  • The grid pulls in all products and prices based on the vertical set on the account.
  • The summary box provides a quick way to finance to review the order and see the overall discount (even though each line item may be unique), and a way to see the year 1 revenue to aid in planning for revenue to recognize.
  • From a sales rep standpoint, the grid is a quick way to scroll through the full catalogue and click on each relevant product to build the order.  In the same session they can then easily modify each cell to update pricing, quantity, and discount while seeing the totals dynamically change for the overall order.

This specific grid isn’t relevant in all scenarios.  However, it is intended to highlight how readily a couple of weeks of Salesforce customization can take an out of the box experience that may not be a fit for the way a company works, and transform Salesforce into a perfect fit for the way a company wants to do business.

In the case of our SAAS customer, this helped them move the sales team from working half in Salesforce and half in Excel to running their sales business fully in the cloud.

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