Regulatory Risk Assessment and Management

David South, Jack Winter, and I hosted a webinar (slides are available on our website) on July 9th presenting “the business case” for using an enterprise risk management (ERM) approach to planning compliance with the proposed EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP) rules. Participants reacted favorably to this approach. In further developing the ERM model, we are now adding to our collection of power plant and utility data, and characterizing the clean energy industry and other state and federal policies and regulations.

This is an exciting time to be working in this area. This approach and model will find and exploit the emerging opportunities where government policy intersects with corporate strategy and planning. The electricity industry is on the verge of profound and lasting change; lead or be left behind. The first movers will reap great benefit and those that have been leading the way implementing aggressive alternative energy strategies and plans and working within their states and regionally to set the pace of change are finding the proposed new rules to have less drastic implications than for those states and industry stakeholders who have lagged behind. Stay engaged, be alert, watch the trends that are unfolding, and work with those you trust and respect to become an agent of change.

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