Console: What You Need To Know

Imagine a world where you don’t have to click between the Account and Opportunity records when you want to view all the information for a campaign. Now imagine that you can easily navigate between multiple records by using list views without having to click to a separate page or lose access to your list view. For most active users this sounds like a dream, but with Consoles it can be an easy reality for your organization.

What is the Console Tab?
The Console Tab is for users who reference multiple records and associated information regularly. It allows users to navigate between records by using object list views and displays the selected record and associated record details. Below is an example of a Console Tab:

 Console Navigation

1. Object List view: Views can be selected based on object in the top left corner.

2. Detail View: A detailed view of the record selected in the list view.

3. Mini View: Displays the records associated with the record displayed in the detail view.

What is the Service Cloud Console app?
A Service Cloud Console is an app that’s designed for users in fast-paced environments who need to find, update, and create records quickly. This app is an advanced version of the Console Tab that was released in Winter ‘11. It allows you to open multiple records in tabs and quickly navigate between them. Below is an example of a Console app:

 Multiple tabs allow users to view and navigate between full detailed records.

The Console is a wonderful tool that’s only getting better! Whether you’re a service team that references 5 case records an hour or a sales team reviewing multiple opportunities in a day, the Console eliminates clicks and searches while allowing you to view multiple records at a time. 

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