Salesforce Spring ’16 Release Quick Notes

Salesforce Spring ’16 Release Quick Notes

Spring Release 1

This year’s Salesforce spring release contains many new and exciting features. With over 175 new and improved updates including over 30 features from the ideaExchange, this release will change the way you use Salesforce! Now I’m sure not all of you have read through every feature in the 400+ pages of PDF release notes. For those of you who would rather have a quick summary, you’ve come to the right place. Below I’ve highlighted some of the key features from this release to help you become more familiar with the new updates.


Customize the Navigation Experience for Lightning Experience Users
Create custom navigation menus to give your users easy access to features they use most. This can be done through the Navigation Menu Wizard, which will walk you through creating a custom menu. After you’ve selected which items you want in the menu you can then select which profiles you want to assign it to.

Spring Release 2


Create Custom Success Messages for Quick Actions
Create a custom message that displays when the action is successfully executed, such as “Account successfully created!” Available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Spring Release 3

Eliminate Picklist Clutter with Restricted Picklists (Beta)
Enforce picklist data by restricting it to values that you define. Users will not be able to add erroneous or redundant values, keeping your picklist data clean. This feature is currently in Beta and is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Test-Drive Global Picklists More Easily (Pilot)
Global picklists let you reuse a single list of values for multiple custom picklist fields. You can now easily share picklists across objects by creating picklist fields based on the master list of values.

Formula Field Support in Lightning Experience
Formula fields with hyperlinks and images are now supported in Lightning Experience. Users can now click on an external hyperlink in a text formula field, which navigates to the link in another tab. Images added via a text formula field now display correctly in list views and related lists. Images in search results are not supported in Lightning Experience.

Data Import Wizard Enhancements
Users now have the ability to import person accounts with the Data Import Wizard. You can also save time by importing contacts and person accounts as campaign members and update campaign member status straight from the Data Import Wizard!

Data Import Wizard is also easier to access. You can now access Data Import Wizard from the object-specific home page from the Tools list for select objects.

Process Builder
With the spring release, Salesforce made it easier to work with Processes Builder. Below are a couple helpful features:

  • Easily reorder criteria in your process with drag and drop: How many times have you created a Process Builder only to find out that your first step was wrong, or the order of your steps were incorrect? Previously, to change the order you had to delete and redefine criteria and actions. Now users can avoid the dreadful process with the easy drag and drop reorder criteria feature.

Spring Release 4

  • View field names in your process at a glance: You can now view field names in your process by hovering your mouse over the field.

Spring Release 5

Sales Cloud

List Views
Create and edit list views and filters in Lightning Experience. Users now have the ability to create on-the-fly filters and re-size columns to optimize the viewing area.

Update Fields on Converted Leads
Have you ever accidentally converted a lead and then had to go through the painful process of copying the account and contact info to recreate it as a new lead? Now users with the certain permissions can update fields and picklist values on leads that have already been converted. Permissions needed are “Set Audit Fields upon record Creation” AND “Update Records with Inactive Owners.”

Person Accounts (Beta)
Person accounts are now supported in Lightning Experience

Campaigns (Beta)
Sales and marketing teams can import campaign members, update their statuses, and see the impact that the campaign have on related deals in the pipeline, all in Lightning Experience.

Global Actions and Composer Windows
Take notes, add events and tasks, and log calls from anywhere in Lightening Experience. Sales and service pros can now achieve this functionality while on their current page. No more switching between browser tabs to create multiple notes. Sales reps can now focus on how to sell and close more deals instead of just getting through their day to day tasks.

Spring Release 6

Email Pop-Out Compose Window
Users can now easily compose emails while navigating through a record or Salesforce page with the new pop-out window. Research and multitasking has become even easier. Users can also merge fields to use in templates of individual emails.

There were many updates to analytics and the Lightning Experience including:

  • Show Details in Matrix Reports
  • Filter Dashboards
  • View Dynamics Dashboards as other users
  • View Tables on dashboards
  • Improvement to reports and dashboards home pages
  • More options for Charts

The most exciting update is the ability to manage everyone’s reports and dashboards.

Over time, reports and dashboards fall out of use, or users become inactive and leave behind obsolete reports and dashboard in private folders. Using the allPrivate query, Salesforce administrators can now log into the workbench to find and delete reports and dashboards saved in private folders.

Extend the Power of Wave with Communities and New Actions
Share data and visualizations with partners and customers and spark data-driven conversations with Wave Analytics for Communities. This feature is for Salesforce Classic only.


Validation Rules on Article Types
Create validation rules for each article type to ensure that the article is compliant with your company standards.

Preview Tab Contents with Tab Hovers
Tired of clicking between tabs to find the right information? With tab hovers, users can now hover over a tab to view key information. You can customize which fields appear by editing an objects mini page layout.

Spring release 7

Omni-Channel is the Service Cloud’s comprehensive customer service solution that pushes work to qualified agents in real time. To keep your customers from waiting you can set a timer for how long a request appears for an agent before it is routed to someone else. Available in Salesforce Classic only

Access Your Customer’s Cameras During an SOS Session (Beta)
Do you ever wish you could see what the customer is talking about? Now with the two-way videos in SOS customers can share live video footage with agents. This release contains a beta version of this feature that is not yet suitable for a production environment,

Organization Sync
A secondary synced Salesforce org allows users to work when the primary org is unavailable (ex. maintenance or planned upgrades).


Banner Images for Groups
Update your group banner to include your company’s branding.

Spring release 8

User Profiles with Banner Photos
Similar to groups, users can now update profile banners with their own images.

Spring release 9

Group Reports
Get insight into group activity such as the number of members, posts, comments, likes, questions, and answered questions in a single report for each group.

Spring Release 10

Send Email Notifications for Group Announcements (Pilot)
Ensure that group members see important announcements by sending an email notification to all group members regardless of a user’s email notification settings. Previously, group member would receive email notifications only for announcements if they opted to be notified for each post.

Edit Chatter Posts Containing Files or Links
Previously, if a post had a file or a link you had to use comments to make any changes. Now you can simply edit the original post.

Spring Release 11


Health Checks
View a new health check dashboard that shows how well your org measures against the Salesforce-recommended baseline. You can then easily click edit to change the security settings to meet Salesforce’s recommended baseline.

Spring Release 12


As you can see there are a lot of exciting new updates with the Salesforce ’16 spring release. I hope these release notes were helpful and provided good insight into some of the many new features. With over 175 new and updated features I was not able to address them all so please feel free share any experiences you’ve had with any of these new updates in the comments below. For the complete list of Spring ’16 Release Notes click here.

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