Salesforce Touch: Still a Work in Progress

Salesforce Touch is available for the iPad as a part of the Winter ’13 release. This feature lets you view and do some basic work with Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks and custom tabs included in the Sales app, and lets you see your Chatter data, including People Groups and Feeds. (All these items are available to you in pleasantly large font). However, although Touch has some nice features, the functionality is still very limited, and at this stage, the benefits meet the needs of only very mobile sales users who own and use iPads.

The Best Feature of Salesforce Touch
The best feature of Salesforce Touch (other than the large font) is the “View in Full Site” action which allows you to easily click over to the record you are working on over in the full Salesforce site. Since Visualforce pages, attached files and custom buttons and link and other buttons like “Submit for Approval” are not currently available in Touch, Sales users may find they need to go to the full site to complete their work. On a bright note for Chatter, Salesforce Touch lets you view files that were attached to a post on a Chatter feed.

What You Can’t Yet Do With Salesforce Touch
There is a list of functionality and data you can’t access using Salesforce Touch in the current release. Sales users will find that Leads, Reports, Events, Person Accounts and Cases aren’t available in the current release.

All things considered, if you are a very mobile sales user, like using your iPad, and can access the internet, you may find using Touch beneficial. It does allow you to view and edit your sales data while on the road in nice large font. Personally, I will be looking forward to the Touch enhancements.

How To Enable Salesforce Touch For Your Organization
There are two versions of Salesforce Touch: a downloadable app and a mobile browser app using Safari on your iPad.

To enable Salesforce Touch for your organization:

  • Click Your Name | Setup | Mobile Administration | Salesforce Touch | Settings.
  • Use Enable the Salesforce Touch downloadable app to control access to the Salesforce Touch app that users download and install on their mobile devices. (This is set to Enabled by default)
  • Use Enable the Salesforce Touch mobile browser app to control access to Salesforce Touch for mobile browsers (If not enabled, users are directed to the full Salesforce site.)
  • Enable each User that wants to use Salesforce Touch as a Touch user so that they can use the touchscreen-enhanced app when they log in from their iPad (Otherwise they will be directed to the full Salesforce site.)

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