Scribe for Excel to Microsoft CRM 2011: Optionset / Picklist Value Lookup

Sometimes, we just need a good example of how to write some simple code. We don’t have the time to parse / read / understand all the possible ways of doing something – just tell us what to do for this one thing I know everyone has to do already.

That said, this one took a bit of effort to figure out.


When using Scribe to import data into a Microsoft CRM 2011 organization from Excel, I need to find the picklist (or optionset) values for a string. How do I do that?


Create a calculated user variable with DBLOOKUP2.

DBLOOKUP2( “< optionsetfieldname >”, TRIM(< ColumnId >), “Adapter for Dynamics CRM 2011”, “StringMap”, “AttributeName”, “Value”, “AttributeValue” )

Map that to your CRM Field and you’re good to go.

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