Service Level Agreements: How are you using them?

SLAs, all organizations have them in one form or another. When I say SLA or Service Level Agreements, I am referring to them as a measurement used to ensure that that a task reaches an end condition within a certain amount of time.  SLAs are used differently across organizations – for some, SLAs are what they manage their tasks against every day, others follow when necessary, while some don’t even follow them at all. Where do you and your team fall?

More often than not, we find that most employees fall in the latter half of the previous statement. There are several reasons for this:

  • The SLAs are often inaccurate due to changes in processes and technologies
  • The importance of tracking activities against SLAs is not adequately or properly communicated
  • They simply are not understood

Whatever the reason is for you and your team, it is important to take the necessary steps to review, update and communicate SLAs across your organization.

So why review and update your SLAs?

  • A large portion of your customers’ experience depends on them
  • It is a significant opportunity to create new low-cost efficiencies within your team, department and overall organization
  • They can be used to track overall performance
  • They are strong measurement tools to help determine where process inefficiencies
  • They can provide an overall measure/ target to which your team can hold itself accountable

By taking the time and resources to invest in reanalyzing, updating and communicating SLAs to your team, you will not only be provided with greater reporting visibility and higher employee accountability, you will also be able to easily identify and create new process efficiencies.

SLAs should not be viewed as a burden – they are tools that are used to create a more efficient, customer-centric organization. Interested in learning more about updating your organizations SLAs? Part two of this blog will discuss steps to review and update SLAs. For any other questions, contact me, Jordan Lehrman at

Phone: 312-602-4000
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