SharePoint 2013: Sites Hub

Are we losing our sense of vanity? MySpace is culturally irrelevant in the social landscape and with the new release of SharePoint 2013 it seems we are losing the My Site. Welcome, the Sites Hub.

The Sites Hub is one of SharePoint’s new features. The top of SharePoint pages contains new navigation consisting of 3 hubs.

1. Newsfeed
2. SkyDrive
3. Sites

No longer will the My Sites feel like a detached area of your SharePoint site.

The Newsfeed is an interactive experience allowing users to post content and share comments with each other. With the new Metro look and feel, the user experience has been simplified and made to feel very familiar. You can follow other users and communicate in real time using the new feature called “People Card.” People Card offers presence info, pictures, status updates from Lync, and activity feeds from Facebook and LinkedIn.

I’ll keep quiet on SkyDrive for now, there’s going to be a deeper dive in a later blog post.

Sites Hub
The new Sites Hub is a dashboard of sites you are following, suggested sites, and creating a new site. Dive right into your working spaces without digging through complex navigation or through bookmarks. Sites can be promoted by SharePoint owners to appear on all users Sites Hub to spark interest. Site creators can also share sites with other users to make sure everyone gets setup right away.

Similar to Twitter and Instagram, you can follow sites and receive updates about new conversations and content. This is especially useful for users involved in many teams and groups!

In SharePoint 2013, we have come away from a hive of remote sites and merged our profiles into a more collaborative environment with modern social media features.

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