Shiny New Features of the Salesforce Summer 2017 Release

Shiny New Features of the Salesforce Summer 2017 Release

It’s one of our favorite times of the year – when Salesforce releases the upcoming updates to their platform!  The Summer ’17 Release is chock-full of exciting new features that can add a tremendous amount of value to those on the platform.  Below are a few of the upcoming changes we are looking forward to seeing in action.

Service Cloud

Do you wish that service cloud lightning was easier to use? Salesforce updated the Lightning console so that there is now a Lightning app split view, more compact case feed, and better hovering & keyboard shortcuts. Users are now able to drag files into the files related lists and there are now use Person Accounts.


Marketing Cloud

Do you want more control throughout the process? Marketing Cloud will now allow the user to provide more transparency to customers for marketing activities to better steer customers toward their intended results and avoid potential errors. It also increases viability into the health and frequency of marketing activities, which helps companies run and proactively manage activities more successfully. Marketing Cloud also provides more guidance on how to manage data and journeys, resulting in more viability into actions the customer can take.

Community Cloud

Want to know if customers are looking at pertinent documentation? The Community 360 pilot allows the internal support agents to see if customers are reading documentation or have filed a case.

Analytics Cloud

Are there insights in the data that may not be obvious? Einstein makes it easier to analyze the data in Wave dashboards by looking at changes in data over time, correlations between fields, and comparing month-over-month data. Wave will even bubble up key insights that the user can dig into further.

Is it possible to link tables with records within Salesforce? Now it is! Users can look at records on tables. If they would like further insights or would like to change something on a record, they can now open the records straight from the table.


Sales Cloud

Are your reps spending too much time on data entry? Sales Cloud Einstein now uses email and even activity to suggest new record data that reps can add to Salesforce with just a couple of clicks.

What is Lightning Dialer? Previously called Lightning Voice, Lightning Dialer allows sales reps to send prerecorded voicemail messages and dial numbers in reports and dashboards (only applies to Lightning Experience).



Do you wish you could search products like you could search Google? CPQ now allows the user to search products by keyword and searches all fields in your product catalog and displays results in real time. The search now displays a dropdown menu with possible matches when you enter at least two characters.

Where did JSforce go? JSforce is now back! JSforce now allows you to run custom Apex logic on quote lines in real time, real time complex querying of Salesforce data to accommodate customer processes/analytics, and real time integration with third party applications/platforms for complex business logic and pricing.


Do you want more from Engage Alerts? Pardot has updated the look and has improved consistency with their Engage Alerts. Reps are now able to view all the latest alerts at once with a more intuitive interface. They can also customize alerts into a side-by-side column and drill down into each alert—instantly viewing the prospect score and engagement history. In addition to the intuitive interface, a couple changes have occurred: Slides are now called Columns, Engagement activity cars are now displayed vertically, and the latest alerts appear at the top of each column.


Curious as to how this impacts your org? Want to learn more about Lightning or migrating your org to Lightning?  Contact us to learn more!

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