Good Dynamics SDK and Xamarin – Security Architecture Overview

The Good Dynamics SDK provides Xamarin developers a wide range of containerized security features that span almost every security need on a mobile device.  There is a possibility for data leakage to occur when mobile devices access an unknown foreign web site or other content from an unsecure application server.  This post will provide a high level overview of Good’s architecture and why...

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Mobile Architecture Best Practices

When developing mobile apps, there are a number of key challenges where architecture and design are fundamentally different from that of a typical enterprise application. Careful consideration should be given to these mobile architecture issues early in the development process in order to mitigate the downstream impact of poor architectural decisions.…

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jQuery scrollTop and Android Browsers: A Work Around

Mobile web applications have taken huge strides in the past fews years and have quickly become a viable solution to cross-platform development. Unfortunately there are still a few kinks to work out, such as javascript rendering on different devices. jQuery’s scrollTop method on Android devices is one of those kinks. I ran into this problem at a client, and came across this solution.…

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Deciding How Far Back to Support iOS and Android

The last mobile app my team wrote for a current client was an internal app with an audience of several hundred to maybe a couple thousand. That allowed the client to easily dictate what OS versions we were willing to support. It didn’t make sense to spend a few thousand dollars trying to fix an issue specific to an old version of Android when they could potentially buy those users new...

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