Emerging BI applications easily enable data discovery and visualization on any device

If you’ve been happily working in Microsoft SQL and Excel for your business intelligence and reporting solutions, you may not have had much motivation to look at the offerings outside of the Microsoft stack. But if you find that not everyone wants to work in Excel, or that Reporting Services and Power BI (including Power View) disappoints when it comes to rich visualizations or ease of use...

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Internal Surveys: A Fast, Free BI Tool and 5 Simple Keys to Using Them Effectively

As evidenced by the proliferation of business intelligence tools and vendors, the pursuit of metrics and data is essentially ubiquitous to businesses of every size and industry.  Gartner predicts business intelligence software revenue will reach $13.8 Billion in 2013, climbing to over $17 Billion in 2016 (Source: CMS article citing Gartner).  Given the macro-level uncertainty...

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Analyzing Core Banking Data for the Long Haul

When you decide to invest in Business Intelligence (BI) for your bank it may be tempting to make the easy decision and use whatever your core system provider is offering.  Core banking platforms typically provide a comprehensive solution, but it is important to evaluate your options before purchasing a BI solution. …

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Business Intelligence is Intelligent Business for Banks

Banks, like so many other organizations, are fundamentally built on data. So why do many of these institutions lack adequate tools to harness the power of this data? From outside the financial industry looking in, banks appear to be nothing more than institutions built on money movement. And why not? Money is constantly coming and going in the form of deposits, withdrawals, loans, payments...

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So you want to leverage BIG DATA? Start smaller.

Have you heard of big data and wonder what it could do for your organization?  The promise of things like dashboard reporting and real-time analytics can tempt companies to skip over more traditional business intelligence initiatives to get right to the hot stuff.  Don’t do it! Business intelligence is a broad collection of disciplines that help organizations leverage their data to...

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