Converting Transactional History Data to Snapshot Data (Part 2)

In my previous business intelligence blog, “Converting Transactional History Data to Snapshot Data – Part 1“, we reviewed three challenges involved with converting transactional history data to snapshot data: The First Challenge – Data Uniqueness : Dealing with multiple records for an Entity with the exact same timestamp.  We needed a way to uniquely identify these...

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Converting Transactional History Data into Snapshot Data (Part 1)

There are several scenarios where a developer may want to convert transactional history data into snapshot data. Sometimes an existing transactional solution has been storing transaction history data for years, requiring a migration to snapshot data for reporting purposes. Some customers may be paying a recurring service fee for disk storage and might want to keep disk space consumption down...

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How to Resolve ID and Name Mismatch in Tabular Model Databases in Analysis Services

If you’ve been deploying tabular models to Analysis Services, at some point you may find you needed to have two different named instances on a server – one for test, and one for production.  And once done with testing, you just used the Rename right-click menu option on the database in order to rename it as the production instance. …

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New to PowerPivot? Five Simple Tips for New PowerPivot Users

PowerPivot is a powerful tool which gives users the ability to pivot data on the fly from multiple data sources. However, using PowerPivot can be a little daunting at first, especially if you haven’t used pivot tables before. Here are 5 simple tips for users new to PowerPivot. Tip #1. Client Software required to build PowerPivot Cubes from Excel Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 is required to connect...

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How to Analyze Data Before a Data Migration or Integration

To most, data analysis is as exciting as auditing or watching paint dry. Strangely, I enjoy scrutinizing and exploring data, and do it frequently when implementing CRM applications and data warehouses. Properly analyzing your data before a data migration and integration is extremely important, because incomplete analysis leads to flawed logic, and a lot of hasty data remodeling and rewriting...

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The Top 3 Reasons to Justify Switching from Silverlight to HTML5

I was “wowed” when Silverlight, Microsoft’s free web-browser plug-in that enables rich graphics in business applications, appeared on the technology scene back in 2007. With it, developers can do many things; for example, they transform relatively dull and static SQL Reporting Services dashboards into gleaming, interactive displays for business intelligence.…

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How Do You Know When You’re Looking At High Quality Data?

Stakeholders expect high data quality in Business Intelligence reports, and can quickly lose confidence if even a small amount of low quality data rears its head. So how do you know when you’re looking at high data quality? A recent project of mine involved the health care industry, and more specifically, the finance department of a large health care organization.…

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