A Cloud Database Platform is Critical for Peak Performance

A Cloud Database Platform is Critical for Peak Performance

I’ve heard it many times.  Business leaders feel that since they moved their databases to a cloud provider, they won’t need their database administrative (DBA) staff.  The thought is, “the cloud provider will manage that.”  While cloud platforms do help alleviate some of the repetitive tasks of database administration, there are many functions that are not automatically accounted for in the...

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How To Get The Full Value of Your Salesforce Investment

“I’ve got Salesforce.com but I’m just not sure I’m getting the full value of it.” We hear this statement a lot from our customers. Generally when I hear it, I immediately start with a question – “What do you want Salesforce to do for you?” The response is usually something like, “Well, I want it to make my business more effective, make my team work together more seamlessly, and give me higher...

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