Healthcare is Learning from Other Industries (While Tackling Problems Uniquely Its Own)

The final blog in our series serves to summarize the ways in which healthcare can learn from the best practices / innovations of other industries, address unique trends in healthcare, and define their broader impact on the industry. Our previous blogs describe how healthcare, a system often characterized as broken, expensive, and over-regulated, can improve by looking towards other...

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AHIP Institute 2012: Big Data, Wellness, and Consumerism Come up Big

Wow. AHIP: Institute 2012 was quite a ride. It was informative listening to Malcolm Gladwell and Atul Gawande speak about the pressing challenges in healthcare and hearing their unique perspectives on how to arrive at a solution beneficial to all.  Not to mention the sessions with Deepak Chopra, Paul Begala, and Ari Fleischer, which were inspirational and provided yet another perspective on...

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