5 Best Practices for Your Service Cloud Implementation

Now that Dreamforce ’14 is officially over (and looking forward to Dreamforce ’15), we can begin to digest the copious amounts of new features, roadmaps, and best practices. One of the key themes prevalent throughout the week was the focus on providing a world-class customer experience through an efficient and engaging customer service function.…

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Why are Utilities Surprised When Customer Service Becomes a Crisis?

As with any customer-facing organization, water utilities experience their share of customer dissatisfaction. In most cases, trained staff using established procedures can handle the normal volume of complaints. However, these coping mechanisms fail when the level of dissatisfaction spirals and grows louder – loud enough to produce serious political, media, and community...

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Importance of “Hard Benefits” in AMI Business Cases

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology offers a multitude of new functionality for electric utilities and their customers.  Operational benefits for the utility include over-the-air meter reading, remote connect/disconnect, real-time outage detection and many others.  From a customer perspective, the benefits most often cited are the ability to take advantage of time-of-use...

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Terminating Water in Detroit: Poor Business Practices Lead to Human Rights Allegations

Last week, three United Nations experts responded to appeals from Detroit residents that terminating water service for nonpayment is a violation of the human right to water. Delinquency is not an issue unique to Detroit; many municipally-owned water utilities struggle to keep customer accounts current. As the United States’ water infrastructure ages and is upgraded through costly programs...

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3 key aspects companies should incorporate into their customer service

Like most customers, my mood turns sour when I encounter poor customer service. However, personally, poor customer service (long hold times, unpleasant CSRs, inconvenient processes) still feels like the norm and therefore I try to not let it ruin my day. But what I recently found out about myself as a consumer, is that I’m far greater impacted (in a positive way) by excellent customer service...

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