How to Analyze Data Before a Data Migration or Integration

To most, data analysis is as exciting as auditing or watching paint dry. Strangely, I enjoy scrutinizing and exploring data, and do it frequently when implementing CRM applications and data warehouses. Properly analyzing your data before a data migration and integration is extremely important, because incomplete analysis leads to flawed logic, and a lot of hasty data remodeling and rewriting...

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How to Secure Your Data with Dynamics CRM

In this day and age, enterprises have mountains of data lying around (in data warehouses, data marts, and plain old legacy LOB systems), and securing that data is a key concern. This can involve giving people access to a database or api and letting them query away, but it can also involve allowing end users to see only the slices of data for which they naturally have access.…

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How Do You Know When You’re Looking At High Quality Data?

Stakeholders expect high data quality in Business Intelligence reports, and can quickly lose confidence if even a small amount of low quality data rears its head. So how do you know when you’re looking at high data quality? A recent project of mine involved the health care industry, and more specifically, the finance department of a large health care organization.…

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A Quick Tip on DQS Data Mapping Validation

After importing our mapping data into DQS, the business I was working with wanted to verify that all the values were mapped/matched correctly. We had a lot of data, so scrolling thru the UI to visually test was not realistic, and we’d also need an export of the mappings. Since there isn’t an export option thru the UI, I looked at the SQL tables.…

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